If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Municipal Code and Ordinances, please contact Marsha Einsweiler, City Clerk/Treasurer.


Ordinance No 291
To Create Section 17.26 (4) – Conditional Uses in the B2-Highway Business District

Ordinance No 292
To Create Section 17.46 (7) -Recreational Vehicles (RV) Court/Campground

Ordinance No 293
Amending Section 17.46- Relating to Campgrounds

Ordinance No 294
Amending Section 9.19- Public Drinking and Possession of Alcoholic Beverages

Ordinance No 295
Creating RM-Zoning District

Ordinance No 296
Rezoning Geissbuhler Subdivision to an RM Zoning District

Ordinance No 297
Amending Section 13.46- Water Utility

Ordinance No 298
Amending Section 2.05- General Government

Ordinance No 299
Amending Section 12.03(15)(e)(6)- Beer Gardens

Ordinance No 300
Amending Section 12.03 (15)(c) & 12.03 (15) (e)(3)

Ordinance No 301
Amending Section 2.05- General Government

Ordinance No 302
Amending Section 13- Sewer Utility

Ordinance No. 303
Amending Chapter 17- Creating R6-PV New Single Family & Two Unit Duplex Residential Zoning District