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Shullsburg Municipal Code

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Municipal Code, please constact me. 

Marsha Einsweiler

City Clerk/Treasurer

    Ordinance No. 286- Annexation of Jack
    & Susan McCoy Property
Table of Contents   Ordinance-285- Relating to Restrictions
Chapter 1- General Government    on Keeping of Dogs, Cats, Fowl and
Chapter 2- The Governing Body   Other Animals.
Chapter 3- Finance & Taxation    
Chapter 4- Law Enforcement    
Chapter 5- Fire Protection    
Chapter 6- Emergency Government    

Chapter 7- Traffic Code

Chapter 8- Public Works    
Chapter 9- Public Peace & Good Order    
Chapter 10- Public Nuisances    

Chapter 11- Health & Welfare

Chapter 12- Licenses & Permits    
Chapter 13- Municipal Utilities    
Chapter 14- Building Code    
Chapter 15- Uniform Dwelling Code    
Chapter 16- Reserved for Future Use    

Chapter 17- Zoning Code

                    Table of Contents


Chapter 17- Historic Preservation    
Chapter 18- Subdision & Platting    
Chapter 19- Reserved for Future Use    
Chapter 20- FloodPlain Zoning Code    
Chapter 21- Reserved for Future Use    
Chapter 22- Cable Television    
Chapter 23- Reserved for Future Use    
Chapter 24- Reserved for Future Use    

Chapter 25- Construction & Effect of Ordinances

Charter Ordinances    



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