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Badger Mine and Museum
279 W. Estey Street
(608) 965-4860

Museum Hours:

Open Memorial Day thur Labor  Day- Wednesday - Sunday- 11:30-4:00 p.m.  Closed Monday & Tuesday- Excluding Holidays

Museum and Mine Tour Rates:  Adults-$7.00; Child under 5 - free. 

Take a guided tour of the Badger Mine & Museum.  Newly renovated in 2006, the museum contains artifacts from Shullsburg's 179 year history, and shows how life was in Wisconsin's early mining communities.  Exhibits focus on some of Shullsburg's most important industries, including mining and cheesemaking, but also on day-to-day life through the decades. 

See the recreated shops and exhibits of the early mining town.  Gaze at the early mining tools, ore specimens and learn the methods used to extract lead with the pick, gad and black powder. 

The museum's newest acquisition, a fully functional replica of the Eagle Pitcher Mine, which operated near Shullsburg, offers a glimpse at how more modern mines functioned, until their closure in the 1970s.

After soaking in Shullsburg's history, descend 51 steps with your tour guide into a hand-dug nineteenth century lead mine. Although the tour route provides ample open space, you can marvel at the small side tunnels and wonder how men could work within such confined spaces.


Exhibits in the Badger Mine and Museum, demonstrating

Shullsburg's lead mining and cheese making industries


cheese making


general store

Recreated general store, complete with waiting        

checkers board, at the Badger Mine & Museum



         Medical equipment from the late 19th and early

         20th century on display at the Badger Mine & Museum


      Eagle Pitcher model

         A functioning model of the Eagle Picher

         mine, which operated in nearby Galena, now

         displayed at the Badger Mine & Museum




The Brewster Hotel sign, riddled with bullet   

holes, offers proof of the 1927 Shullsburg    

  bank robbery by Chicago mobsters.             

Brewster Sign



Directions to Shullsburg's  Badger Mine & Museum

From State Highway 11:  Enter Shullsburg's historic Water Street and turn left by the Gazebo, onto Galena Street.  Follow Galena Street along Badger Park before taking a left on Estey Street, where parking for the museum is available.

From Illinois, on County Road O:  enter Shullsburg from the South and turn right on Galena Street.   A quick right onto Estey brings you to the museum and Badger Park.

Wheelchair accesible parking is available on Galena Street, along the west side of Badger Park, near the park's baseball diamond.

Map to Badger Mine and Museum




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