Online registration for the April election is extended until March 30.  If a voter registers after that date, it will have to be in person at the clerk’s office and can even be done the day of election. If you have voted in recent elections, you are already registered to vote.  Unless you have an change of address or change of name.

Absentee Ballot requests are for registered voters who want to vote by mail or in person and can be requested by mail until April 2nd or done in person until April 3rd at the clerk’s office. 

If wanting to vote by Mail Absentee go to and follow the instructions to fill in the form and upload a picture of a valid photo ID. Go to for more information on Photo ID law. There are a few ways to request an Absentee Ballot by mail if you don’t have access to the MyVote link. The preferred way to handle Absentee voting at this time is by mail to cut down on exposure for everyone.

For In-Person Absentee voting when mail is no longer a timely option, call to discuss and/or make appointment, 65-4424 ext 221. A photo ID is required for in person voting.

Please call the clerk’s office at: 608.965.4424 ext 221 with any questions about voting. There are options that can be explained to encourage and help everyone to vote. 

At this time, the polls will still be open for the April 7th election.  Please bring your own black ball point pen and photo ID and also a pencil with an eraser to mark the voting machine. (No gel pens or markers).